How to host a Webinar?

In pre-COVID19 times, I would go to orchid societies, garden clubs, master gardeners & libraries to give presentations on orchids.  Currently all such group meetings are cancelled, and probably will remain so for the next 12 months or longer.

I would like to try to offer these groups webinar presentations instead, but need some guidance:

  • What services/providers are available?
  • Are there any that allow 2 leaders, so the webinar can be split between group business, and my presentation? 
  • Approximate cost per hr?
  • Which are more user friendly (for attendees)?
  • Is there something else I need to know?

Look at zoom.

The pro level allows multiple hosts, screen sharing, and up to 300 participants.  It's not cheap -- $200/month.  There is a free version but that would limit you to 40 minutes for a group meeting.

There's a level of Zoom that allows for up to 100 participants/1 host for only $15/month.

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