Have you heard the one about the person who tried to steal sheetrock from a police station?


On May 22, 2019 at 11:50pm, Carl Pennella (age 22) of Ridge, NH, was arrested for stealing a large piece of Sheet-rock from the rear of the South Orange Police Department.  Pennella walked into the rear of the Police Department from the parking lot at 185 South Orange Avenue, stole the sheet-rock and placed it into a pickup truck which was parked behind 185 South Orange Avenue. The witness to this theft was an off-duty South Orange Police Officer who notified the SOPD dispatch and ultimately resulted in an arrest.  Pennella was charged with theft, issued a summons and a Court date.  



Oh FFS! How stupid can you be? (Rhetorical question.)


Darwin Award material??  smirk 


Well, we know he wasn’t plastered.


Aren't there any construction sites in NH that has sheetrock laying around to take? What was he doing in South Orange... Pretending to be a fireman?


I don't know the details, but this has the look of an opioids situation. Addicts get so crazed for their next fix that they do anything their dope-sick minds think might make a few bucks, even if their schemes are objectively preposterous.


Smedley - You're probably right. 


Believe it or not, I know not one, but two guys who got hooked on H and got so desperate they ended up robbing banks. To no one's surprise, both were quickly apprehended. One guy died in jail, the other is still in.   


This is about a $13.00 crime.  None of it makes any sense.   


Someone needed a sheet to finish a project and thought they could save some time.


I'm wondering how the guy was able to walk through the parking lot behind the station and walk into the station to take sheetrock?  No security at a police station?  The Maplewood Police Station parking lot is fenced off with a security gate.


Years ago, there was a DPW employee who got caught stealing sheet metal from the DPW yard.

DaveSchmidt said:
Well, we know he wasn’t plastered.

Not even 3 sheets to the wind.

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