Great local restaurant with private room for ~30 or so, and reasonable prices

Just a quick shout-out for Parkwood Diner's new private event room. 

We recently had a family gathering there, they provided a huge buffet, and we were quite impressed. Very good food as usual (included a tasty pureed squash dish that may have been a Thanksgiving special, but I hope stays on their menu!), comfortable and attractive room, easy parking, and reasonable pricing (note it's BYOB).

Photo below taken from this article:

For our party, the room was set up differently from the photo: Our tables were set up in a large "L" shape, and the buffet was along the 3rd wall. We had just under 30 people, and there was plenty of space. I'm guessing it could seat at least 40.

Haven't been there in a while. Is the room where the patio was?

Yes --They converted the patio into this permanent addition.

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