Gaslight newsletter- spring cleanup

Has this newsletter been discontinued? SO website has no recent issues. 

This was one of the main ways of learning about spring clean-up and recycling updates. 

I am a gardener and I was looking for the dates when we can put brown bags and tied up debris at the curb for pickup. (It starts tomorrow and goes to May 15. I know because I went searching the SO website). I am the only one on my block with debris on the curb. 

The Gaslight newsletter provided a great service which might be gone...

It is being reworked and will return, but it is a good sized project.

And you can subscribe to various department calendars on your phone if you want to.  The DPW calendar has the cleanup info.

Thanks for the heads up. I didn't notice that it was discontinued. I do rely on those pull outs but will check the website.  Once I fire up my computer it seems to lead me to MOL or FB.

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