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I have an almost 14 year old gas water heater that I have maintained well, including regular flushing of tank and replacement of anode rod. It seems to be operating fine with no leaks, not pinging sounds, and it provides consistent hot water. That said, everything I've read said these gas water heaters (tank) don't really last much more than 13 years. Should I replace it before it starts to fail? Thanks in advance.

Tough call. It could keep going for years. But failure could happen at a really inopportune time, such as Christmas morning or three hours before the prom (teo potential disasters I can think of).

A new water heater is probably going to cost you $1000-1500 or so, installed. It will probably be more efficient. It will certainly give you peace of mind for a while.

I think you are okay.  I'd bet almost no one replaces those anodes, or flushes out the tank regularly.  And those two things do a lot towards making the tank last.

Is it in a finished basement?  Think about what damage could be incurred if it were to go unexpectedly, and what's the deductible on your insurance.   My gas water heater is about to turn 18 and still going strong.  But mine is in an unfinished basement, and I've had the new one sitting right next to it for 5 years. 

I wouldn't be very concerned.

In the early '90s I replaced the gas water heater that was here when we moved in('78).  A few years ago I mentioned to an engineer who works on industrial systems that I was proud my job lasted 21+ years.  But I was having trouble finding the same brand.  He said it was an indication that I had done a good job. In his opinion any well installed water heater should last 20 yrs. 

A couple of take aways: DON'T worry about brand, OEM warranty period.  DON"T buy extended warranty.  

DO get a quality installation.

I am past 20 years and crossing my fingers that I don’t have it fail at an inopportune time. Who would you recommend for a “quality installation”? I don’t have a regular plumber.

Thank you!

I'd recommend any of the local plumbers who post and advertise here.  

My plumber is Anthony Masi - Amasi Plumbing - 973-444-2122. I recommend him highly. He is honest and reliable and has taken care of all of my plumbing needs for quite a few years.

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