Garrison Keiler, Returned from exile.


He was booked at a small venue about 10 miles from where he lives. The event immediately sold out and was moved to a larger room in the same facility. About 200 people bought and sold out that room. Dwarski, Sue Scott and Tom Russel were in the audience.


I found this passage in the article, which addressed my question:

"On stage, Keillor did not mention the allegation that prompted MPR to cut ties with him after more than 40 years and to rename his former show “Live from Here.”"

I don't know if he has ever publicly addressed what happened and expressed any kind of remorse. I know he wanted to no dismiss the allegations as misconstrued interpretation of what he called "romantic writing." But he should at least acknowledge that there was a significant power differential between himself and the woman he thought he was flirting with.


To make me happy. Why else should he do anything?

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