Found - black cat with collar

Super friendly. Do you know this kitty? S/he’s been hangin around Overlook Terrace for a couple of days. Clearly belongs to someone. 

I was gonna ask what the cat looked like.

what is that capsule hanging down?  are you have to get it scanned for a microchip?  maybe a cat rescue can get it checked.

That capsule on the collar very likely unscrews to open and may have owner information inside, have seen those before.

Thanks. We tried unscrewing the thing on the collar but couldn’t. I’ll try again tomorrow, assuming he is still here. I’ll also try to get a chip scan. 

I made a bed and shelter on my porch, though he’s wandered off again for now. I know he spent last night in another neighbor’s garage. 

Thanks, everyone. We got the thingie on his collar open and it provided an address. He’s been delivered back home!

Yay!!  Thanks for taking such good care of him and finding where he belongs!   grin 

how far had he traveled?

Looks so much like the stray I fostered for over a year but passed away in Jan

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