For Frank Zappa fans. SOPAC is streaming....

SOPAC will be remote screening ZAPPA. "The First All-Access Documentary on the Life and Times of Frank Zappa." An Alex Winter Film. It begins streaming on November 27th. Tickets $12.

As an ardent Zappa fan, I wouldn't miss this, nor any Zappa artefact. (This, by the way, is not the "first" Zappa biopic. Check IMDB to see all the films made about our hero.) 

while not the first, this is (unless I am mistaken) the first made with the full support of his estate, including contributions of early footage.  So, yeah!

I watched it last night and I enjoyed it very much. Great interviews with interesting people, Ruth Underwood in particular.  My frustration was that there needed to be more actual music. There were also too many minutes taken up with video collages of the “scene,” of freaks and beats and hippies and lights, and buildings and clubs and more freaks and dancing.  It was meant to provide atmosphere for the times Frank lived in. Fine. But all that time could have been used to show one or two or three pieces performed in excerpts or in their entirety. The only tune performed in its near entirety was the classical piece that he composed and conducted.  Fine, but what about all the other fabulous performances and live shows and recordings and studio work? Hot Rats? Never mentioned. His guitar wizardry? Never mentioned or shown.  I saw a Bob Marley biopic a few years ago and I had the same complaint.
Frank was a real original. his music, his persona, his life, his wit, his take on the world, all unique. But...
Show. Me. The. Music.  

"Shut up and play your guitar"

jonesey said:

"Shut up and play your guitar"

 Eggs Ackley 

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