Extending internet/wifi to an outbuilding

I have AT&T fiber service at my house. I'd like to have wifi in the workshop, which is about 500 feet away from the house. Can this be accomplished, either wirelessly or hard-wired?

You could certainly dig a trench, lay conduit, and pull ethernet cable out there. I’d do an oversized conduit for future expansion possibilities. There is also direct burial cable, but then you’d lose that flexibility. Hopefully not a rocky area.

Unless DIY, this will be pricey from an electrician. Extra pricey if rocky.

I’ll leave it to others to opine on wireless, but 500’ seems awfully far for wireless.

Looks like wireless range is 235 to 300’.  Wired it is.

Would an extender work? They seem to only give the specs in square feet, rather than line of sight.

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