Experience with Alchemy Hour???

I'm wondering what your experiences are like with Alchemy Hour? I went there recently and had the most AWFUL experience. The owner was rude, pushy and insistent. I felt like she was forcing me to buy her clothes (which were COMPLETELY OVERPRICED). I was not at all impressed with the selections, which looked like cheap knock off brands sold at Armani prices! I am very disappointed in the new management as I have shopped there for years, and was wondering what your experiences were like?

I went in once. I thought the clothes were really overpriced and I couldn't imagine who would buy them nor who their demographic really is in Mapso. I was completely ignored by the store owner? manager? who spent the entire time on the phone and didn't even acknowledge my existence. I never went back.

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I've had only good experiences at Alchemy Hour, shopping for both vintage and new clothing, particularly when they carried the Obey brand, which was popular among some of my relatives. If you know that line, or similar ones, you know that they are not meant for bargain hunters.

In my visits, the staff was helpful and thoughtfully wrapped the items that were presents. It's a nice store and adds some variety in the village.

The Great Lakes Brewing Co. double IPA by the same name is also good.

We loved the old "Alchemy Hour," not so much the new one. Prices, selection and sales were great. The previous owner/manager was super friendly, not pushy at all, and cool. She had great taste. We were very sad when she left. We tried the new store, but we noticed that the prices and selection were just not the same as before. We don't go any more. Sorry.

I also loved the old one. Went to the new one twice and both times found nothing that I liked enough to pay the prices. Sad that the previous store is gone

sorry, I should have added that we really liked the store when it was run by the previous owner who was lovely and very helpful. She had a range of products at affordable prices and my teenager bought some great clothes there.

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