Emoticons are back!

Just mentioned in the official forum thread - I thought it may deserve it's own. question question question question question question question

YAY!!! snake snake snake

Life was dreary without them!

Oh, look, they have one of Pluto: question

wendy said:

LL_ said:
You are a rock

Unlike Denis Leary, who is currently a question question

Perfect timing--planned I am sure--for World Emoji Day. http://worldemojiday.com/

I just realised Dave changed his avatar! tongue rolleye

Earth to joanne ...

wink in my defence, I haven't been reading threads where he's contributed lately...so I hadn't noticed this recent change. (There was a previous change or two since we moved to this new Forum) I'd noticed Jamie's some time ago. confused

What's the blue one? question

I always thought it was for Halloween... smirk

Nan, as mentioned in the other thread, after a fair bit of digging I found an older emoticon dictionary blog that was based on the Unicode.org site, giving meanings and uses for emoticons. (Most searches default to emoji lists, so if you have an older one, it's hard to track down)

The use of Alien and Alien Reveal emoticons usually means 'I don't understand what you mean'.

Blue? I thought it was green and looked like Jim Carrey's Mask character. question

Turquoise, on my screen. cheese

This is green! zipper question

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