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Our fridge’s electrical socket and the neighboring electrical socket (a few feet away) stopped working. We checked fuse box...nothing wrong, we replaced the breaker...still not working. Also, there is no gfi on either plug.

Any other ideas on what it could be?



If there's a GFI on *any* plug along that line that is tripped, the whole circuit will not work. Go around your kitchen (any outlets hiding in cabinets?) to try any tripped GFI outlets. If you don't find any, then try any other GFI's in the house that could be a possible culprit.


Look to see if there is a GFCI in the next receptacle up stream. 


there is no gfi outlet upstream. we also just swapped out the outlet. 

still nothing. any other ideas?


Does the hot feed on either outlet ground to the ground or the electrical box?


Also did you pull that other outlet and test the wires there?


all it takes is a loose or broken wire in the “chain” of outlets. 

Check all the wire nuts, at these outlets and wherever they are fed from.  

It could also be as simple as a loose common in the circuit breaker box

(I write this assuming you’re quite skilled with electrical work given the work you said you did )

taaj said:
there is no gfi outlet upstream. 

How do you know?  Ive found plenty of inexplicable wiring sequences.   

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