Electric Bill

Hi South Orangers,

So I recall a few months ago receiving a letter notifying me that South Orange was transitioning electric providers; that my servicer would remain the same but the electricity would be coming from a more sustainable renewable energy source.

I vaguely recall this letter being silent on rates/billing information.

A neighbor of mine is on NextDoor and apparently there was a discussion that the new electric provider costs more? I think this makes sense, it often costs more to adopt early-stage technology such as renewable energy.

Does anyone know about this? Can anyone point me to any resources that I can read up on this?


PSE&G reduced its rates a bit recently resulting in the KwH costing about $.002 more that Direct Energy.  That is the Winter pricing.  When Summer rolls around, PSE&G will increase its price due to A/C demand while Direct Energy won't.  That's when you'll see the savings.


There will be savings, but the program got off to a rough start, leaving many people angry and complaining.  Many people were incorrectly put on a payment plan and that mistake is being unraveled.  My takeaway from that discussion has been that a great many folks simply do not know how to read their bills.  Estatecat, you understand it.  Providing power and delivering power are two different things.  In addition, the Kwh cost is what matters for comparison, not a month to month change.


There was a lot of confusion on Maplewood-specific threads here and on Next Door and Facebook because all Maplewood participants were enrolled under an equal payment plan which resulted in some persons being charged more in a given month than the cost of the electricity they had used during that month.  This led to some posters stating that they were being overcharged.  That problem is now being resolved.  I was told that this issue did not pertain to South Orange residents but it would be best to check with the appropriate South Orange official to verify if that is the case.  In any event, the best first step would be to examine your own PSE&G bills for the past several months to determine if you are in fact being charged more for electricity than you would have been had you remained with PSE&G.


It's worked out well for my HH. Lower monthly bill as well as a nice end of year credit. No bill payment for me until March 2020. 

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