Effects of new lead regulations on MAPSO?

I am thinking this is going to have a pretty major effect on MAPSO.  We greatly reduced the amount of free lead in our 1926 house by replacing the original windows with some nice Pellas but there was definitely still lead exposure anywhere furniture rubbed at the walls or where something accidentally took a nick out of the paint.  To remove that sort of source would have cost at least 15k (as a hypervigilant new father I got an estimate in 2009).

WP: Millions of homes, schools may have to eliminate lead dust under EPA plan

There is lead in the air.  Stop breathing.

The regulations are not in effect yet.  It looks like it could be costly as proposed, but I would expect the final rule to be modified before it's finalized.

"The EPA’s proposal will go through a 60-day comment period, and then a further analysis that typically takes months before the agency issues a final rule. An agency spokesman said officials expect that will happen sometime next year."

Here is the latest NJ law regarding lead paint. It affects rental properties that are pre-1978.


NJ’s NEWEST lead-based paint law goes into effect in July of 2022 and directly targets ALL pre-1978 rental properties. This new law is being referred to as, New Jersey’s Lead Safe Certification and will require lead-paint inspections, (Visual &/or Dust wipes) on all nonexempt rental property at turnover. Additionally, every three years going forward, it will increase lead-based paint hazard education to state residents and will fund New Jerseys Lead Hazard Control Assistance Act.

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