Does anyone watch the TasteMade channel?


I discovered this channel on my Youtube streaming service several days ago, and I've quite come to like it. There are a few cooking shows, hosted by young, unknown (to me) chefs, that are very appealing. Struggle Meals (where a serving is under $2) and What to Make Tonight are two of them. The recipes are a bit off beat and inventive. 

Any other fans out there?

The programs are also available on Amazon Prime.


So, I, um, guess that would be a no.


Sounds interesting.  I haven't gotten into YouTube as a regular viewing option yet, but I know there's some really good stuff on in.  Thanks for the tip.  I love cooking shows.


Actually, you can find some of their videos on normal Youtube. But what I referred to in the OP was, which is a paid streaming service and is a competitor to cable. 

Here's some Struggle Meals


Well, if you don't watch it, you're missing out on Tiny Kitchen, which is pretty amazing.


Am I the only person on MOL who watches this station?


Asked and answered, I guess...

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