Dear Ethicist

the alleged judge should be disbarred and removed from the bench.  i have no faith in the so called justice system, the reality is when you are poor and disabled, you  have no human or civil rights.

courts blatantly violate my rights under the Americans With Disabilities Act as well as NJ LAD and section 504 of the rehab act.

IRS court refused to even discuss accommodations (luckily their lawyer gave in before it went to court--they actually owed me a couple bucks once they pissed me off and I dug out every little tiny receipt.)

Small claims  court refused to discuss accommodations.

A municipal court judge said on record that wheelchair access should be the only disability accommodation.  Despite the fact that I sent the court MULTIPLE judiciary directives indicating MANY possible accommodations including the ones I asked for.  That judge enabled my ex to use the court as a tool of domestic violence to the point my life continues to be in danger.  Even the ADA coordinator sided  with the judge even though he blatantly violated the law.  US DOJ just sent a form letter 18 months later saying they don't have the resources to investigate.

In small claims/municipal court, you have to get there early in the morning and hurry up and wait, often for hours.  I have been so sick that I couldn't sit up for more than 15 minutes and still can't really be away from home for more than a couple hours and certainly could not sit in a court room for hours.  The judiciary directives recommended accommodations such as scheduling my case at a specific time (IE 1pm, but if the noon case was running a little late, it would be acceptable to delay mine a short time to 1:15pm).  I also needed a reclining chair.  For towns with a volunteer EMS, they could have brought in a stretcher and allowed me to use it  as a lounge chair to meet that need.  but the court balked and basically gave a default judgement to my abuser.  On a warm day, i could have possibly sat in my car with the seat reclined while I waited, but the court didn't want to hear it....normally at that time to be able to sit at a kitchen table or desk, I would have to lean on the table to the points my fore arms were constantly bruised...but the court didn't care, judge actually said on record they were wheelchair accessible and I needed to just show up and go through  normal procedure like everyone else.

for the small claims court, it was shortly after I had a brain injury.  I needed someone to walk me through the process and talk me through the forms (not tell me what to write, just take me step by step),  that county refused claiming it was not a reasonable disability accommodation, i later found out that another county offered that service to EVERYONE, not just people with disabilities,

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