Color/Feedback on Pingry/NA/Kent Place

While we have not heard back from these 3 NJ schools yet, based on my elder daughter's results so far from the NYC schools, we are optimistic of her chances at getting in (she got into Horace Mann, Spence, Nightingale and Riverdale for Grade 6). Her younger sister is applying for Grade 4 and was only eligible to apply to Nightingale where she did get in. I think her chances are good that she can get into Pingry and Kent Place as her academics and test scores are stronger. 

I have been advocating for Spence/Nightingale or Horace Mann, but my wife prefers schools in NJ as she wants to move to a Essex or Morris County suburb instead of apartment living in NYC (we currently live in an apartment as well in Hudson County). 

We are looking for strong breadth and depth across academics (esp. STEM which can sometimes be weak for private schools given their historical liberal arts focus), athletics (daughter has been pretty good in sprints so far where she has competed in AAU/USATF events at regional level), arts (daughter is pretty good in Piano, Painting and has recently shown a keen interest in making multimedia presentations/short movies), good distinguished speaker series, enriching EC Clubs with strong student participation. 

My wife is very keen on sending them to Kent Place as she values a girls-only education and they have a older cousin already there. To me passing on Spence to go to Kent seems like a big step down. Kent Place also seems less diverse than Pingry and Newark Academy. 

We don't want a total pressure cooker  but we also don't want any compromises on academics. Maybe there is no best option. In general my older daughter is a strong, resilient kid and I think she can handle some academic pressure. I value excellence over other criteria (not just in academics but also the other areas mentioned), my wife is willing to make some tradeoffs there if she thinks kid will be overall happier.

Thanks in advance for any insight!

Private schools should be illegal. All they do is divide us.

Be best.

Stick with Spence. Does KP or Pingry have a pony? I don’t think so.

Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone.

Color/Feedback .......

What does 'Color" mean in this context?

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