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My friend's three children (about 12, 15, 16) could really use a therapist.  My friend and her husband are going through a divorce & have been in a very unhealthy marriage for many years.  My friend cannot afford a therapist.  I am looking for recommendations for her - for somewhere in the Red Bank area...Are there decent therapists that are pro-bono for kids??? 

I am very clueless about this subject (& she is as well).  Thanks

If they cannot afford it, options are limited and there are usually wait lists.

Do they have insurance to cover it at all?  rarely a therapist will waive the co pay, but most docs have told me that it is illegal to waive it as it violates their contract with the insurer...they are required to collect it.

I know there are sites that list charitable programs....I'd have to look for it.  sliding scale is usually still expensive (ie $60/hour)

check this site

211 (united way) supposedly can tell you where clinics are...but I have tried contacting them 2x for unrelated issues and only got nonsense responses.

also, a lot of places are only doing tele health...not great especially when just starting services.

Usually there are social workers available through the school district.  Have you looked into this?

school social workers will be of limited help, they should be able to refer to community services.  school social workers/counselors don't have much time to deal with non school related issues.  they do offer counseling for students that have it in their IEP (special education).

In our area, there are a couple of social service agencies that come to mind. Maybe you could call them & get referrals for her in her area:

I highly recommend

It's a broad based referral/support program that can connect people to a wide range of services for children (and families) regardless of ability to pay (free services, temporary medicaid, insurance when available--they will find any or all options on a case by case basis).  They serve all of NJ.

I recently learned about them from my pediatrician.

They are very easy to talk to--can be a few hoops/steps to work thru before getting to referrals, but that said, they are very good and helpful.

I know families with kids with developmental disabilities that say dealing with perform care is aggravating.  I don't have personal experience with them.

Thank you for all these helpful responses.  I forwarded it along...

Thank you!

Agree with the recommendation for Performcare. They will set up a temporary Medicaid account which will cover the cost of services. Currnelty, they are providing telehealth services.

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