Can I borrow your child carrying frame backpack thing

Going on a family trip that will likely involve some long nice hikes.  I have a 1 and a half year old i'd like to throw in one of those frame back pack carriers.  Leaving 5/16 and returning 5/25.  If you have one of these carriers and can part with it for a week or so please let me know and i'll pick it up and return it with beer or whatever other bounty you'd like.


Hi there  I have a new, unused one in my garage that I was going to give away  you're welcome to it. Keep it, then pass it along.

PM me and we can schedule a pickup. I'm in Madison but I will come to SO this weekend.


trying one last time as the above didn't end up working out.  i don't think that person was really from around here.  

I have one that you can have (and keep). A neigbor handed it down to us and we never used it. It's obviously not the latest model but they were serious hikers so I assume it will do the job. I'm sorry but I have no idea how to PM someone on this new version of MOL. You can email me at I live in Maplewood.

Hmm, picture upload not working.

I'be had some login issues and was MIA. to the OP, I pm'd you. hope I can still help  

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