Bathroom Remodel Recommendations?

We are contemplating a remodel of our bathroom that would include replacing the bathtub, the shower above the bathtub, the tile in the bathtub vestibule and either the vanity or just the vanity top. 

I was wondering if anyone had any general idea of how much something like this would cost and who I should contact to get estimates.  

around 10-20K  depending on the materials you choose, and what you do. materials have a huge range depending on what kind of stone, what kind of tub, vanity you want and where you buy it. We spent spent on the higher range of this, but that included a full gut, new plumbing--- the whole thing. 

We did something about the same two years ago, and I believe our total came to around $13k.  We replaced all tiling in the bathroom, new toilet, vanity, sink, bathtub, etc.  The fixtures you choose will also affect the price too, obviously.

i completely gutted down to the studs and rebuilt a 5 x 7 bathroom for about 10K  including replacing pipes, updating wires...but i used basic fixtures/low end tile

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