Basement Demo Recommendation

Anyone have a recommendation for demo company / guy for a basement? Thanks

I’m sorry no one else has responded. Hopefully Clayton worked out. If not, I can mention one demo team, although I last know of them operating in 2002. They worked on a house on Ridgewood Road, 2 houses from the Jefferson corner,  with the gas lamp now out front. I passed the house on foot in the morning as the dumpster arrived. The biggest dumpster I ever saw. It seemed 50% bigger than a 30 yard dumpster. Demolition was already in progress; really loud banging coming from inside the house. I passed the house again on foot late the same day, and the dumpster was full its entire length with debris extending above the top of the dumpster.The name on the dumpster was what made me take note. 1-800-DEMO-JOB. They worked very fast, although I cannot comment on the care taken in the course of demolition.

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