Vague at the moment, but a company that does entertainment packages on cruise ships is considering including my first panto as a part of a package. They seem to like the play, but they have to pitch a whole range of stuff to get the deal.

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International Talk Like A Pirate Day on Sunday - aarrgh!  question Great way ter further promote awareness ‘n all that…

- Mad Red Tess, Cap’n

Arrrrr ya gettin some nuclear subs down under?  Won't the periscope scrape the coral reef?

Seems a crazy guvermint thought but many o’us weren’t consulted…never thought we needed ‘em in th’ first place. An’ now we’ve pissed off both th’ French ‘n’ th’ Chinese - innerestin’ times ahead, methinks.

I’d rather watch jonesey’s pantos an’ plays!!  question
- Mad Red Tess, Cap’n 

How do you walk the plank off a submarrrrine, anyway?

Through th’ torpedo tube??

- Mad Red Tess, Cap’n  question

marksierra said:

How do you walk the plank off a submarrrrine, anyway?


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