Anyone use "SingleCare" card from Walgreens?

Not able to help with this, but has anyone used the or the prescription discounts? It appears they are free and don't require a membership. They provide pricing of prescription drugs at different locations right on their websites.

I looked up the price difference for my teen's acne medication, and it varies by over $100/month (most expensive at Walgreens, least expensive at Stop & Shop)! I found these two discount things online after I google searched, as someone told me prices can vary by which pharmacy you use. I had already picked up our first month's prescription at Walgreens this week, and got sticker shock at the outrageous price. My insurance covered 50% of it, and it was still insanely expensive. So, I'm strongly considering trying one of these discount programs for next month's prescription.

Another place to try is This is more like a pharmacy than a discount card, and the drug choices are somewhat limited, (though they cover a lot of the more common drugs), if you find a hit on your medication you can apparently save a lot.

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