Anyone else having trouble with Verizon?

If it starts to go faster I would unplug it and throw a towel over the router 

I had a similar issue recently - it took xfinity around 4 tech stops and a few weeks of phone calls.  Ended up being a connection issue at the pole. 

So, if there's no widespread outage - get a tech over to check out the lines.

Phone?  Internet? TV? or all three?   When this happens, believe it or not, a call to tech services usually gets everything running smoothly again through a remote fix on their end.  When it doesn't the problem is usually with my equipment.  One time it was the back up battery that needed replacement.  Another time the box controlling TV service and the router both needed to be upgraded because they were too old.  

Last week mine went in and out two or three times.  Others on lounge has similar experiences.  Its fine now.  I only really noticed because I never have issues with it.

We had one bad day recently that turned out to be an issue with Roku, not Verizon.  

Been having trouble all day with TV service.  Spent an hour and a half on the phone with tech services and got nowhere.  They insisted on sending a technician tomorrow.  Then I learned that there has been an outage in the area all day.  Will report back tomorrow to see if situation resolves itself or if technician is needed and can help.

ETA:  Problem was resolved.  Issue was with their equipment which failed.  Outside box and back-up battery in the inside box were both replaced. Everything is up and running fine now.  

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