Any mud runs in our area coming up?

Does anyone know of or want to recommend any mud runs (e.g. Spartan Race, Tough Mudder) in our area this year? They look like fun to me, but I've never done one. Thanks! 

I love the idea. But I'm no help.

There are a few coming up for both and each a different animal. Check their sites, with the Spartan you have a choice with Sprints which have less miles to run or the Beast which is 12 miles. I have run 2 Tough Mudders, both pretty easy, and have been trying to get my friends to do a Spartan Beast. I do know that Tough Mudder has changed some of their obstacles to get rid of the more gimmicky obstacles as I think they were losing people to Spartan

Something to keep in mind regarding the two, Tough Mudder is more casual as you can skip or fail an obstacle without consequence, whereas in a Spartan if you fail an obstacle, from what I understand you do 40 burpees on the spot.

Thanks! Last year there was something muddy in the Reservation, I believe. But I don't know what the event was. 

You just missed the mudarella, but there is a Tough Mudder in Jersey City this year in Liberty State Park.  I'm signed up for it, but it isn't until November.  

Word of advice, for the late season ones. Your biggest obstacle will be staying warm, even in compression gear.

Essex county is the MS run called MuchFest. I did it last year, ton of fun, two lengths and lots of wet smelly mud.

The Muckfest MS 2015 mud run is June 13th and 14th.  Saturday is already sold out.  If your interested in participating you need to sign up soon since Sunday will probably sell out too.  We did the run with a bunch of families and had a blast while raising money for an important cause.  This is great fun for Tweens. 

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