Anime books Does anyone have any anime books or know where I can get them?

Try South Orange library. They used to have an anime club there, so I imagine they have some of the books. They are open now for limited hours.

Not to be "that guy" but the word you're looking for is Manga, that will help your search. Manga are the comics, anime are the animated movies. There are Manga books about pretty much everything, what subject/genre are you looking for?

(this may be outdated, as my kids were into this in the nineties and "oughts")

New World Manga on Mt. Pleasant in West Orange, if it's still there, was an occasional destination.

eta: ridski, thanks for the word : )

There was a LARGE selection at Kinokuniya Books at Mitsuwa Marketplace in Edgewater.  Fair warning though, I’m not into them and didn’t browse so I can’t tell you if they’re in English or not.

Words Bookstore has a few titles. Most bookstores will carry them in their Graphic Novel section, as do libraries. Dewey's Comic Book City in Madison has recently moved to Dover. But there's still Amazing Heroes in Union (even though they recently moved, too, but they're still in Union). 

Again, though, without knowing what sort of thing you're looking for it's hard to recommend any further, but any good comic book store will help you and can make orders for anything they don't have.

Time Warp Comics in Cedar Grove is another possibility, if they're still open.  Not sure about manga though, so call ahead?

Barnes & Noble has a good selection (try the one on Rt. 22 in Soringfield) or if you want to save some $, Bookoff at 49 W 45th in NYC has an ample selection of used, so says my Manga-loving daughter.

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