Adult Ice Hockey

Does anyone have experience with adult hockey leagues in the area? I'm relatively new to NJ and have been doing open hockey Friday nights at Codey, which is a lot of fun, but am looking for something more official. The Union Arena website is kinda wonky and looks like the league's not starting up again until the fall? Twin Oaks looks like they have summer league, but it's team sign up only (not by individual).

Thanks for any insight!

Did you check Mennen Arena in morristown?  They are the largest and busiest place with 3 rinks. 

I have been playing in the men's league a Union Sports Arena for about four or five years now and love it. I also coach my son's travel team there. 

The adult hockey is year round at USA. We are a few games into our spring season now. Some team could still have slots. Email Janet at to find out. 

There is an Over 35 division and another for the younger players. It's a good group of guys and quality hockey. 

Thanks! How's the level of play at Union? I'm decent--about 10 years of travel club play as a kid through high school. But I'm still getting my wind back so would probably want to know if I'm going up against a bunch of former college / minor leaguers. I'm 34, so right at the two age cut offs.

In any event, I'll email the contact you gave and see what's available.

I think you should fit right in.  That's exactly my level of experience.  At 34, I would think Janet would allow you to join an over 35 team, that is unless you REALLY want to play with very fast 20 year olds.  I did that for a few seasons and the pace is a bit quicker than with the older folks.  I'll PM you my contact info.

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