NOW ON-DEMAND! "Holiday at Home" with The Maplewood Glee Club FREE concert

"Since you can't come to us this year, we're coming to you."

We've put together an hour-long, family-friendly program of new songs, seasonal classics, special guests, even a Top 5 Countdown of our favorite past performances, and you can watch it all from the comfort of your home.

It's called HOLIDAY AT HOME and it premieres on our YouTube channel on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19 at 5pm eastern.

On-demand link:  Maplewood Glee Club "Holiday at Home" concert

Oh yes, did I mention it's free?

You can watch on your computer, your smart TV, your phone... anywhere you get YouTube. And if you can't make the premiere, don't worry. The whole show will continue to live on our YouTube channel so it'll be there anytime you need a little extra holiday in our heart.

We'll be there during the premiere doing live chat, so I hope you can join us!!

Very pleased.  

Over 500 registrants--come join us and jumpstart your holiday spirit!

Fabulous concert.  Thank you to the members of the Maplewood Glee Club for a wonderful holiday gift that is so needed at this time.  This a gift that keeps giving.  If you haven't been fortunate to attend this evenings performance, it should still be available on YouTube.   

It was.  Having to watch this on TV, as good as it was, really brings home the hurt of the new normal.   Can't wait to be at the church next year.  BTW, it's still on.  They seem to be showing all of their videos.

Here's the link--watch anytime, and thanks for the kudos @joan_crystal and @bub !

Maplewood Glee Club "Holiday at Home" concert

Well done! Totally enjoyed the show. Don’t worry be happy!

This is a show not to be missed. Fabulous. When they announce it’s the last song, you won’t believe an hour has gone by. It’s that good. 

I watched several chunks of it. It’s a highly professional production. Who put it together? What is their background doing stuff like this?

@dickf3 Thank you!  This was mostly all done by our members, about 50 strong now, and include several former producers at Nickelodeon and a TV editor who weaved it all together.  We outsourced the virtual songs' production (where we sang out parts and home and emailed them into a DropBox account) to a network of available production artists for a nominal fee.  It turned out more like a variety show!  We've had over 1,200+ views and it gives us some of that camaraderie back that we enjoyed singing together once a week.   

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