VEX IQ Robotics Super Kit, Field and extras

Posted on: Sep 1, 2020 at 8:52pm
Asking Price: $200
Posted by:

See prices for the two Vex listings below:

1. VEX IQ Robotics Super Kit and extras

 This is what you need to build a winning 2020 SuperBot. VEX-IQ SuperKit in excellent condition with 5 Omni-wheels, special foundation and extended pieces purchased directly from Vex organization. BONUS of 50% more pieces than come with standard kit.

$200 for all- see parts list in photo, Local Millburn pickup only 


2.Half Playing Field 

The playing field has changed for 2021. Use  these pieces to convert last year’s 4x8 field to 8x8 for the 2021 challenge. 

$50 for half field, local Millburn pickup only 

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