Toys, Books, Shoes and Children’s Clothing for Sale by Lot $10 to $30 (D)

Posted on: Feb 13, 2021 at 12:35pm
Category: Toys
Posted by: Grown Up Kids

Franklin Shot Clock Hoops Game (Working Shot Clock) With 2 Miniature Basketballs - $25

LazerX Lazer Tag 2 Player (Working Condition)- $20

2 Stream Machine water guns, a lacrosse stick, 2 rackets and a Power House plastic baseball bat - $25

Boys Clothing Size - Pants: 16, 18,29/32, 30/32 Shirts: (Medium) 8/10 (Large) 10/12 Plaid: XL Swim Shirts: Medium and Small - $30

Docker Size 10 Boys black dress shoes with white stitching - $5

Toys:  Tonka truck, with truck bed, foam football torpedo, velcro catch game with 2 paddles and a tennis ball, yellow frisbee - $20

Toys:  Shopkins Bingo with a die and chips, an inflatable globe, a boogie board with pen, abacus counter, Mikado sticks, 324 flash cards- $20

7 Marvel Chapter Books- Star-Lord: Knowhere To Run / Spider-Man: Attack Of The Heroes / Ant-Man: Zombie Repellent / Iron Man: Invasion Of The Space Phantoms / Falcon: Fight Or Flight / Captain America: The Tomorrow Army- / Dr. Strange: Mystery of the Dark Magic $10

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