Luisa McDougall: The Importance of Being an Ally

Event Date: October 13th, 2019 at 11:00am - 12:00pm
Address : 516 Prospect Street, Maplewood, NJ, USA

Luisa McDougall is a 22-year-old up-and-coming writer and recent Screenwriting/Playwriting graduate from SUNY Purchase. “My entire career, and really my entire life have been centered around ‘unity’ and how we can achieve it. I predominantly write and focus on women’s rights, however my desire for unity is about everyone.”

This talk focuses on unity; specifically on the importance of being an ally to marginalized groups or communities. “First an introduction to get to know me and where my views on unity derive from. Then I’d like the audience to share some of their ethnic roots.” Luisa is interested in changing mindsets — the importance of unlearning toxic tendencies and making sure to open up and befriend people from different walks of life — and in institutional change: becoming involved in government matters, voicing your opinion, volunteering your services and … “ what else can we do to help?”

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