Elaine Bloom: Emergency Preparation

Event Date: February 9th, 2020 at 11:00am - 12:00pm
Address : 516 Prospect Street, Maplewood, NJ, USA

Disaster preparedness has been a lifelong interest for Elaine Bloom. “In this geographical area we have had hurricanes, blizzards, floods and electrical blackouts,” she said, “and we need to be prepared for the sake of ourselves and our families.”

Her talk will touch on the main areas to consider not just for our homes but also our work places. In addition to maintaining fresh supplies of essentials like water and food and medications (for pets as well as people), she will look into matters like ensuring you have cash in case bank cards become unusable, that you can access your records (maybe having copies stored in another part of the country), and that you’re equipped with basics like good walking shoes!

Elaine Bloom has a degree in history from NYU and has lived in the Maplewood-South Orange area for most of her adult life. She has worked in publishing both in New York and New Jersey for book publishers and in the field of special interest newspaper publishing.

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