Auditions for The Strollers' "An Enemy of the People"

Event Date: January 8th, 2019 at 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Address : 10 Durand Road, Maplewood, NJ, USA
Town : Maplewood

The Strollers seeks a multi-ethnic cast for its production of "An Enemy of the People" by Arthur Miller, based on the work of Henrik Ibsen. 

Performance dates: Fri & Sat, March 8, 9, 15, 16 at 8pm; Sun, March 10 at 2pm

Auditionswill consist of reading from thescript. Sideswill beprovided. 

Rehearsals begin immediately, three times per week; starting March 3, every evening.

Characters: (ethnicity and gender are open for most roles):

Dr. Thomas Stockmann (middle-aged): A medical doctor and chief medical officer of the town baths, also the brother of the mayor, who got him the job. Idealistic and excitable. From meager beginnings, he is now fairly prosperous and enjoys his life and status in the bustling tourist town.

Mrs. Katherine Stockmann (middle-aged): Stockmann's wife, loyal and practical, family-focused, a source of grounding for her husband. Adoptive daughter of Morten Kiil.

Petra Stockmann: Daughter of Thomas and Katherine, idealistic as her father, a hard-working teacher frustrated by laws requiring her to teach things she doesn't believe in.

Peter Stockmann: Dr. Stockmann's brother, also chairman of the baths committee, a cautious but sometimes ruthless politician.

Hovstad: Editor of the town's leftist newspaper, slightly corrupt, at heart a political radical.

Aslaksen: The newspaper's printer with a degree of editorial control, chairman of the homeowners association, which represents the majority of voters, a lover of moderation.

Billing: An assistant at the newspaper, radical but ambitious, with political aspirations. He is fond of Petra.

Captain Horster: A seaman drawn into the political fray by his association with Stockmann. 

Morten Kiil: Owner of the tanneries implicated in the health hazard, adoptive father of Mrs. Stockmann, who stands to inherit his wealth.

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