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Address: 293 Elmwood Avenue, Maplewood, NJ, USA
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I offer private in home guitar and music lessons for beginners to expert musicians. I work with both children and adults to make a well-rounded teaching experience. I customize all lessons for the needs of my students and transcribe all music that is requested. I also provide lesson plans, music fundamentals, theory, and a fun learning environment for all of my students.

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Every session is unique and customized for the day based on what the student is currently working on. Here are the aspects that are provided.

. Lessons Plans: To utilize the session time to its full capacity a lesson plan is designed for every session. Lessons plans are organize around the current subject matter the student is working on and is based on the progress of the previous lesson. Notes are taken at the end of every session and applied to the following lesson.

. Sheet Music: Printed sheet music is provided for all subjects. Having clear and easy to read documents is essential for practicing. All documents are reviewed and made available for the student's personal notes.

. Music Theory: Music theory fundamentals are taught in order to give a student a clearer understanding of what they are learning on their instrument. Music theory also provides a student with a better vocabulary to communicate with other musicians.

. Ear Training: Listening to music and transcribing is a large part of being a well-rounded musician. Students are tested on their basic interval, chord and rhythm recognition to refine their auditory skills.

. Sight Reading: Techniques to reading standard notated music are reviewed and developed. The use of tablature and other forms of written music are discussed as well.

. Method Book: Method books are provided to give students an organized weekly lesson plan and help maintain a structured practice schedule.

. Fretboard Knowledge: Understanding the notes and the patterns of the fretboard are a big part of becoming a skilled guitarist. Individual notes and useful patterns are taught and discussed.

. Guitar Pro: Guitar Pro provides students to the access of thousands of songs and sheet music with the click of a button. The program has auditory and visual playback of music that can be slow down and isolated for learning comfort.

. Amazing Slow Downer: ASD allows students to take any digital recording they are working with and slow it down to a comfortable playback speed. Music can also be looped for hands free repeat.

. Riffstation: Riffstation can upload digital recordings and give a chord analysis. It also provides playback and can be slow down and looped.

. Yousician: Yousician is a wonderful music website for young children. The website contains thousands of exercises designed for children and keeps track of their progress. It has a colorful display and age appropriate songs.

. Music Theory.net: MusicTheory.net is a great website to help develop basic and advanced music skills. The website is organized in an easy to use format and allows its students to customized the skill level of every program.

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