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Home Inspection Procedure

Step 1.

After your bid for a home has been accepted, call ALL PRO to arrange a convenient time to inspect the home you are buying

(inspections are usually scheduled for a date after the attorney review period is over)

Step 2.

Confirm inspection date and time with home owner or realtor to ensure that access to the home will be available

Step 3.

Meet the home inspector at inspection property and plan on 2-3 hours of evaluation.

All Pro prefers that the buyer be present for the entire home inspection.

Defects will be pointed out and explained and important maintenance items will be discussed.

All Pro uses an audio tape recorder during the inspection to record the entire inspection that is then personally transcribed by the inspector into a comprehensive type written inspection report.

This inspection procedure enables the buyer, during the inspection, to hear what will be in the final inspection report and enables the inspector to detail and thoroughly explain all the aspects of the home that may need to be interpreted by others that were not present at the home inspection.

Taping the inspection eliminates problems created by generic computerized reports that are sometimes not programmed correctly for the home you are buying.

Taping also eliminates the misinterpretation that sometimes occurs with hand written comments on reports that are hard to read.

Step 4.

At the end of the inspection, the home inspector will sit down with you to review all items inspected, answer any questions and formulate a list of items requiring attention.

By this time in the procedure you should know exactly the condition of the home you are buying, what items are defective and need attention and have a good general knowledge of all the components of the home.

Step 5.

Review the Home Inspection Report that was mailed or faxed by All Pro to you and your attorney to determine items of concern that may need to be addressed before closing on the home.

Step 6.

This step is normally not required due to the precise detailed report produced by All Pro, however, if any items need further clarification don't hesitate to call All Pro.

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