Our amazing driving nanny is available for work

Posted on: May 8, 2019 at 5:53pm
Category : Employment Wanted >> Nanny
Posted by : Nicole Obrien
Contact Email : plunkettracquel@gamil.com

Our amazing driving nanny of 2 years is available for full time position (50-55 hours per week) . I have decided to stay home with my kids and so we will only need part time help. Racquel will ultimately decide which position is the best fit for her, but I can't recommend her enough and I hope to help her find a new loving family for long term.

Racquel has cared for our 3.5 year old son for the last 2 years and most recently our 4 month old daughter. She was previously a nanny to a family with 2 kids for 10 years from birth. She is extremely reliable as she is never late(unless weather related, but notifies you) and has never taken a sick day in 2 years. She takes pride in her job and is one of the hardest workers I have ever met.

Racquel is never on her phone and doesn't take a break while the kids nap. She doesn't even like to sit to eat her lunch because she is always multi-tasking, Daily and without hesitation she goes above and beyond " the usual" nanny responsibilities by helping me with several chores that keep my home tidy. She is always willing to run a quick errand and brings back the exact change/receipt. Her flexibility was invaluable when I traveled for work as she was able to start an hour earlier or stay later as needed. She was also happy to take her vacation time when we planned our annual trips.

From a personality perspective, Racquel is great at taking direction and will do things how you want them to be done. She always has a positive attitude and smiles/laughs often. She is warm and kind to everyone she meets and has devised creative ways to convince my toddler to obey when he is difficult. My son's teachers often comment how wonderful she is with him and how her care/love is so evident.

Before our son was in pre-school Racquel filled the days with educational, fun and engaging activities. She took him to the library, My gym, the park and museums. She would also spend some time each day teaching him numbers, colors, the alphabet, animals, shapes, etc. She has befriended other local nannies with kids of similar age and proactively schedules play dates.

Taking your guidance, she will feed your children what you want or pack lunches for school. She makes a healthy smoothie for my son everyday and makes sure any treats are approved first. She will follow your rules regarding TV and IPad time and she ensures my son practices his speech exercises daily. She has helped to support me in my potty training efforts and notifies me when groceries are running low. She also posts daily pics of the kids on Google Photos so my husband and I can see what they are up to.

In short, Racquel has made my life easier and any new family to hire her is very lucky.

Please contact Racquel directly at (973)951-5138.

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