Posted on: Dec 5, 2018 at 7:01pm
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Posted by : Victoria Heller
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I would like to introduce you to my nanny of four years. Upon hiring her, my triplets were four years old (two girls and one boy). My little one was six weeks old (a little girl). I hired her right away upon interviewing her. She had the sweetest and warmest personality and was very genuine. She was well kept very clean and cordial. I most say that hiring her was the best decision I have every made. My children my husband and myself have come to love so many things about her. We are truly blessed the day she came into our lives.

In taking care of the children she did above and beyond her job requirements. Job requirements was to give children breakfast, get them ready for school, drop off and pick up triplets at school and take them to three different activity. She would care far our baby at home, the usual schedule feeding, napping, play time, play dates, cleaning the children room only and doing their Laundry.

What impress me about her was the things she did above and beyond her Job requirements. The time she took to prepare nutritional meals for my little ones. She always made sure they ate healthy. Always preparing wholesome meals and she is the best cook. The time she takes to teach my little girl how to count and learn the alphabet, potty training, developmental skills and mannerism at an early age. I was impress at how engaged she was with the children, whether it is helping them with homework, reading to them or just simply being there for them. This was not just a job for her. She was not only there to work but she became a part of the family by the love and care that she showed not only to my children but also to my husband and myself. She even made sure that we were eating healthy. She was also very clean as a live in nanny that was a plus.I wish we could keep her forever, but I decide to become a stay at home mom. So we had to let her go. We are devastated to let her go, but I am glad she will be able to bless another family as she did ours. However, at this time she is looking to work with a family with one child. She also prefers to work on the books.


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