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Posted on: Nov 20, 2023 at 7:49am
Posted by : A Ortiz
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Hi my name is L Ortiz                           I looking for long-term job I have 19 years of experience, flexible, hard-working woman very honest, I working with newborn older kids, especially a kids I have good reference I will explain a little bit what I do I show up in the morning get the kids ready for school. Make sure they brush your teeth eat breakfast prepare lunch, snack drop them off come back at the house make sure clean up the mess for the kids made for breakfast if you have a baby make sure baby drink bottle make sure diapers is clean,  do some laundry put the laundry away clean up the area put  toys and places set up a play dates. Make sure kids read a book pick it up from school drop them off to activities pick him up from activities Dinner make sure they eat dinner wash dishes put dishes away help mom around the house I have my transportation go back-and-forth New Jersey lines driver I’ll be opening to work cash or in the books please feel free to call me or email me have a beautiful day 

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