My One Of A Kind Nanny Available ASAP!!!

Posted on: Aug 8, 2019 at 12:54pm
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Posted by : Shelly Newman
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Our fantastic nanny is available for a full-time position starting ASAP , as our daughter will be starting Kindergarten. she  has cared for our daughter for the past 4+ years and has become a cherished member of our family. Our daughter, now five-and-a-half, has flourished under her care. Since she joined our family, she has helped our daughter build a rich social life here in SOMA and has taught her countless skills on the path to being a happy, independent kid.

she  has an excellent work ethic and treats her job with a true sense of professionalism. She is so easy to talk to and always brings a positive attitude to work. She is a real team player. We always know we can count on her in a pinch, and above all she is truly devoted to our daughter, who is thrilled to see her every morning. We trust her implicitly and often rely on her excellent judgment. She has a great temperament for working with kids, as she is calm, affectionate and fun-loving yet able to set boundaries where appropriate, she’s Proactive she’s taught us how to be better parents and I mean that in a good way including in the realms of patience, discipline, and good listening.  It’s clear that she loves her job.

We would love to help her find another family to work with and are happy to chat about our experience with her. Many parents in town know her and have told us how great she is with our daughter – we couldn’t agree more! She's looking for a full-time position beginning now if all goes well ... She also drives, she has her own vehicle and is a US citizen.

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