Seeking Host Family - 25 Year old Brazilian Au Pair

Posted on: Feb 11, 2021 at 3:07pm
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Posted by : Cleciane

Cleciane is 25 years old from Brazil seeking a host family.  If you qualify for the NIE, you most likely will not be effected by the VISA ban which hopefully will be ending March 31st.  Unfortunately, because of the covid Celeciane has been looking for a family for a long time.

What is an au pair?  Au pairs live-in, provide flexible childcare 45 hours a week, encourage cultural exchange, drive and can really become part of the family. 
Experience with infants and up to 9 years old.

Enjoys going to the park to run or ride a bike. 

Also likes watching series and movies.

Driving since 2017

Loves cooking, reading, dancing and painting.

Degree business administration.

Presently works as a support analyst.

Independent, has been living on her own.

Cleciane says: “I love children!  I'm open minded and I love learning and teaching. I really respect the values that I have learned and I hope that my host family really makes me feel as part of the family." 

Per Cleciane, here are some random facts about her:   “I'm the best cook I know and I love to cook everything. Sometimes I cry while reading a book or watching series. I am very good at making fun, but I think I need to improve my puzzle-making skills because children always win. I love to draw, cut and paste things. I know how to crochet. I'm organized. I like running in the park, but sometimes I go there just to lie under a tree or pretend I can play football. The beach is one of my favorite places, but I can't swim. Iron Man is my favorite Marvel hero. I love to play. My record is three hours playing non-stop. I get all silly when a child smiles at me. I love animals and I like people who love them. Maybe you're looking for someone with surprising talent or an unusual gift, so I want you to know that sometimes I sing while washing clothes and sometimes I make funny faces. I love to talk, but I'm good at respecting each other's space, so I also know how to be silent. I am responsible and committed, but I don't always plan the things I'll do the next day. I am strong (maybe not physically), positive and dreamy. My grandparents taught me to dream and my dreams brought me to where I am. “

Please reach out as I would love to help with your childcare needs.

To contact Cleciane - please use the form below:

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