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Posted on: Mar 12, 2019 at 10:35am
Posted by : House

Would like to interview someone to clean my home, deep cleaning, every other week.  Person selected is cleaning a 1,800 sq. ft. home but not for four hours so they can do another home(s) during the day.  Currently, cleaning services have ads for $12.00/hr. for cleaning staff (employees).  It takes one person six hours to clean a 1,800 sq. Ft. home correctly.  Salary:  $120.00 per cleaning ($20/hr.) no matter how many people show up.  The ladies just need to split.  Some of the companies are LLC which means they get tax credits for car, car insurance, supplies, etc.  Again, currently $12.00/hr. x 4 Hrs. = $48.00.  Pay attention to hours worked and what one pays.

Homeowners:  Pay attention to what you pay for. Some services are charging $180.00 every other week (one person, four hrs. which equals $45.00/hr.) and then the upfront cost of $350 for the first time.  To spray and wipe only requires $10.00/hr. that the U.S. federal govt. says this position requires ... $10 times four hrs. = $40.00.  If someone does more, more $$.  Bathrooms and kitchen floor, use a cleaner to spray and wipe does not equal more than $10/hr.

Check to make sure the cleaning ladies have insurance, which is not expensive, maybe $200/yr. ($16.67/month) for bonding if they break something.

If someone pays $20/hr. X 40 hrs. week x 52 weeks = $41,600/yr. tax free.  This is just for cleaning, not also being a nanny.  Pretty good $$. The women show less than this on their tax returns (have to show some income) to get tax credits if they have one child.  Someone brought this up to me.  Also, you will have different people each week.  The service does not usually have regular staff.

If interested, contact me.  I am only paying $20.00/hr. no matter who shows up and expect more than spray and wipe up.  This is someone’s personal home.  

As a teaching tool, an LLC (most cleaning services), two people service your home and service others.  The LLC owner charges $150 per home (3-4 hrs.) times two homes/day x 5 days/ week = $1,500 x 50 weeks = $75,000/yr.  And one of these two people are not 100% working.  Now, have to trust me, one of the workers is only paid approx $10.00/hr. cash which is $20,000/yr.  You can do the math, the LLC owner receives $75,000 - 

$20,000 =$55,000/yr.  Most is cash, not income tax reportable. They keep their earnings on the IRS form below $30,000/yr. to get the federal and state income tax credits (have to show some income) if they have one child, write off the car, car insurance, some supplies, etc.  But again, they have employees who are not  “on the books” and do not vet their employees.

Because a service or one person chooses to works less hrs. than 40 hrs/week, do not charge the client for the $$ you are missing to make an annual salary.  This is happening.

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