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Posted on: Sep 16, 2020 at 5:31pm
Posted by : Melissa

Need someone every other week for 2.5 hrs.(one person).  The afternoon to clean 1.5 bathrooms, kitchen floor and wood floors on the first floor (wood cleaner provided).  Position paying $20.00/ hr. Which equals per the U.S. labor Dept. a $41,600.00 position; $20/ hr x 40 hours x 52 weeks = $41,600/yr.   

I am paying $50.00 to do this job.

Only individuals who speak and read English need apply.

Per my understanding and belief,  person still does not have to claim on taxes (most ladies want cash) and then receives federal/ state tax breaks to include free taxpayer medical benefits in New Jersey.  Their children also receive $18,000/ yr. for each child’s education plus a free breakfast and lunch Daily; legal resident or not.   The hardworking NJ and U.S. taxpayers pay, have compassion.

If interested, please respond. 

Information for Potential Employers:Ladies, be aware!

Before you read below, please remember, on this website, someone named Ana subscribed and asked for a cleaner paying $8.00/hr, not fiction.  And guess what, she might have charged you, $20-30/ hr., the employer.  She was looking for employees and posted.  Who knows? 

For cleaning LLC agencies, please let the employer know what you are paying the employee.  Tell the employer who pays you.  Ladies beware, the agency shall charge you over $30.00/hr. and only pay their employees $8-12.00/ hr.  The owner makes the $$, and does not do much work and writes things off on their taxes via a LLC company.  This is not fiction, fact.  As women, we get this.  Everyone be fair and kind.  We are business women.

Just think $30/hr. X 40 hrs. X 52 weeks = $62,400/yr. cash.  Some companies charge more.  Pay attention.  The owner is not always cleaning.  And, they get business write-offs on their car mileage, etc.  

Per our United States Labor Dept., cleaning/ housekeeping services to wipe and swipe averages $17.00/hr. X 40 hrs./week x 52 weeks = $35,360.00/ year.  If one does more, more $$.

Some agencies are charging $200 per household for two people, total four hrs.  So two households per day, $400 x 5days/week times 52 weeks = $104,000/yr.  if only part-time, less $ but still the same rate per hour.

If the employee only gets $12/hr. $12 x 40 x 52 weeks = $24,960/ yr.  cash.  Guess what, one employee, the owner just made $79,040/yr. cash.  If two employees, $54,140.00/ yr. cash for the owner.   Not sure about state and federal taxes paid out.  Most of us went to college to earn this kind of $$.

We need to keep things in perspective for what someone is really employed for.  You can see the difference even during Covid.

Hopefully this information helps.  Be kind to the “real” workers.  Do not let the employer “abuse” the employees.  There is an area in Newark/ Harrison, NJ where ladies gather to be picked up to do this housecleaning work.  Remember the issue In Morristown several years ago with day labor workers; hit national news.  Some housecleaning personnel are doing the same.   Something needs to change.  It is terrible.  Cleaning ladies are told not to speak in English, they eat lunch in a car driving from one point to another.  The only person making $$ are the owners of the cleaning services.  Do we, as responsible good women want to allow this to happen?  Think about it.

Christmas is coming.  Most housekeeping service companies want the “big” bonus and if you do not give, they will not come back even if they broke articles in your house and ruined (nicked) your furniture.   Ladies, I am for the workers.  Do something for the actual workers, not the owners.  Do not give $$.  When that is done, the owners hold the $$ back for themselves and only give the workers $50.00.  We know, we give more.  Think outside of the box, give something special to your employees.  A $1,000 bonus to the owner, employees do not receive much of it; the owner might give out $200 but keeps the balance of the $800.  The kind thing to do??  Please give something to the worker/employee who does the actual work; they have children.  Maybe give clothing and toys to the workers.

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