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Posted on: May 16, 2019 at 4:14pm
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Posted by : Gina Coscia
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Cook Job Description

Do you have a love for cooking? How about a love for making eating fun for the little ones?

Have fun helping little ones explore new foods and receive nutritional, home-cooked meals while at school! 

 It is our belief that a person wishing to work as a Cook of our Day Care must be a person above reproach. He or she must possess the following characteristics: 1. The Cook must be at least 22 years of age. He or she must have a High School diploma or a GED. He or she must have at least 3 years previous experience preferably in a Day Care setting. 2. The Cook must see the Day Care and this position as a way to help children by cooking good nutritious meals for our children. He or she will have to be able to work with any other groups that may be using the kitchen during the off hours. He or she will have to be able to be organized to be able to have all meals ready on time for the children to eat on scheduled times. He or she must have knowledge of what constitutes a nutritious meal and the proper amount of food to make that will cover the Government Guidelines. 3. Everyone hired is on a 90-day trial period. At that time then you will be given an evaluation and be eligible for a salary advancement as seen fit by the Director. The raises will be evaluated on a yearly basis after the first year. 4. The Cook will submit to a physical and TB test on a 2-year basis and random drug test at any given time. He or she must provide information for a complete background check , screen for child abuse and drug screen before acceptance of employment. He or She may not have any convictions for illegal drugs, alcohol, or being "under the influence" anytime prior to or during employment. We will have Zero Tolerance for any alcohol, illegal drugs, or higher than normal amounts of prescription drugs being in any of your systems during work hours. For any routine prescriptions, you should be able to produce a doctor's statement as to the reason for the drug, side affects, and a statement about being able to be around children 5. The Cook will report directly to the Director. They will work together to prepare lunch menus, grocery lists, supply lists, miscellaneous purchases and any other problems that may arise. 6. The Cook is responsible for the cleanliness of the kitchen at all times during Day Care hours. He or she must sanitize all counters and tables before preparing any food. The Cook will also wash off all children's eating tables and sanitize them as well. The food must be prepared in a sanitary fashion with no cross contamination of foods. Good hand washing techniques are adequate for food preparation unless sores or wounds are visible on hands or fingers then gloves must be worn. Dirty dishes will be scraped and then washed in the recommended method by the Department of Health and Sanitation. Food storage should be done as recommended by the Department of Health and Sanitation and placed in specified Day Care areas only. The kitchen will be left clean at the end of the day and that includes washing of the floor as well as cleaning out any and all storage cabinets, refrigerator, etc. 7. The annual Department of Health and Sanitation inspection will be the sole responsibility of the Cook to see  that all of the areas are met and that inspections are good. 8. Be aware that any and all persons working with children are Mandatory Child Abuse Reporters. This means that any and all suspicions of Child Abuse and Neglect need to be reported to the Director and authorities. Make sure that you document your reason and suspicions for making a report and have the Director make the call or the Director will assist you in making the call and the whole process. We are all here to help keep our children safe and it may be up to us to make sure that they are getting all the help they need to be safe at home and at the Day Care. 9. The Cook needs to be trustworthy and to respect confidentiality of all the different areas of the day care. He or she needs to be able to keep any information that they hear at the Day Care, in the Day Care. 10. The Cook will be entrusted with ordering or seeing that we have enough food, supplies and miscellaneous items for the Child Care. If requested he or she needs to be able to drive around town and purchase these items and bring back accurate receipts of ALL purchases. Mileage will be reimbursed at the government-approved rate. The recommended time for doing these purchases will be after the kitchen is cleaned up for the day. All of these duties to be accomplished within the contracted work hours unless pre-approved by the Director. 11. The Cook needs to be able to keep all of the meal records on the children. You assist with the food program records of how many children meals were served for each meal and any other records needed to maintain proper documentation of the Day Care. 12. The Cook is required to dress tastefully and professionally at all times. The Cook will always use appropriate language and positive discipline when possible. The Cook will treat everyone with Christian love and respect. For a complete list of inappropriate clothing and actions, please see the employee handbook. 13. The Cook agrees to do everything asked of you for the betterment of the Day Care and to obey all of the rules and regulations set down by the Director. You will observe and be respectful of the chain of command. 14. The Cook agrees to attend any and all workshops, inservices, classes, or any training that the Director deems necessary even if this means attending on your off hours without reimbursement. We will try to reimburse costs as long as the budget allows. I agree to follow and maintain all of these statements. I agree that I am eligible for this position. I will fill this position to the best of my abilities.

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