Where to have a Corbel Made?

I had the aluminum siding taken off my house and I am looking to restore a lot the details that were taken off the house in 1965.  I googled a bunch of places but none of them have corbels that look like my porch or my neighbors corbels.  I am looking to have some made.

From prior MOL threads, people suggested

Summit Millwork

Dykes Lumber.

Any other suggestions?



Circling back to this, I want to thank James Zachara of Jaz Studios for creating a great new leaded glass window for us and then creating the Corbels for us.  James will create a stained glass window for you, match an existing one, or repair one as needed.

I have known James a long time as our kids went to Prospect, Clinton, and Columbia together, so I knew he worked with glass but I didn't know that he was a very talented wood worker as well.



It seems hardly anyone any more makes the restoration effort you are undertaking. Congratulations, thank you for taking the time and money to do what you are doing, and a standing ovation for pulling off the "modern" siding!!

Thanks, it was a process.  James is also making a storm window to put over the leaded glass window on the outside.  The window had been covered up completely by the siding.  There was an old stained glass window there that was pretty beat up and truthfully, not to our taste.  In the end, we took off the siding, redid the porch, removed a lot of the over grown bushes, and had Rutgers paint for us.  Still not sure about the color of the door.  grin



Your house looks great! My neighbors had siding removed and it was a real treat to watch the progress every day. Like you, they found abandoned windows hidden under the siding. Their house looks a thousand times better now. Thanks for the update.

The corbels look truly beautiful on your house! So glad you posted pictures!

You have played your role as steward of an older home admirably.

Looks like you still have the original windows.  If you need repairs (replacement panes or sashes), send me a PM.

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