New Question: Disposing of old BBQ grill - Maplewood


Will WM pick up a BBQ grill?  Or should I just put it out for pick up and cross my fingers?

joan crystal

I doubt WM includes powered devices in the list of items they will pick up as your bulk item of the week.Call DPW and ask how to best dispose of the weed wacker.  They should be able to tell you.  


I put out a grill a few weeks ago. . . someone took it within an hour (At night). It's worth a shot.


We put it out on the curb the night before trash pick up, taped a "FREE" sign to it. When we went to bed it was still there, but at 6:30 in the morning when my husband was leaving for work it was gone. Don't know if it was taken by a person or by WM, don't care either way  smile 

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