What to make for dinner? (I have Nappa and *****ake)

I have an entire head of Nappa cabbage and a huge package of shiitake mushrooms left over.  

Anyone have a dinner recipe that you like that uses one or both ingredients? (FWIW: I have most every condiment needed for Chinese, Thai and most Vietnamese meals but no tofu on hand!)

Sounds like you are using some pretty risqué ingredients with the name of the mushrooms being bleeped out.

go to allrecipes.com, search by ingredients. I've been really successful using this search method! 

LOL! I think shiitake has two I's in it! smile

And I agree about going on allrecipes and searching by ingredients. Very often I just do a Google search for the ingredients, which suggests a number of different sites that post recipes.

Braise them. Boil in water to "blanch" for a couple of minutes, then (after mushrooms are sliced in large sections) saute in pan (just to a nice brown for mushrooms and translucency for cabbage) and serve. That keeps their fiber and nutrients in tact, not to mention taste. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and maybe a little dill. Serve with steaks or fish. Very nice.

Shiitake! Ha! I thought it was something like D***cake.

I am just laughing so much at *****ake I can't think of much else oh oh

Nobu Matsuhisa has a suggestion if you're up for something like a craft project.


Thank you all!! (I found out how to modify "shiitake my first post but can not edit the Title for some reason.)

All the solutions are perfect.  @j_r that sounds like a blast, part art project, part recipe!

Speaking of cooking.nytimes I just had almost a 1/2 pound of this for lunch so a lighter, vegetable-focused dinner is in order!


kmk said:

(I found out how to modify "shiitake my first post but can not edit the Title for some reason.)

Editing titles is "coming soon" for the new forum software, according to Jamie. 

Here is a whole page of Napa cabbage ideas.   http://www.sheknows.com/food-and-recipes/articles/809695/8-things-to-do-with-napa-cabbage

Shiitake tastes like shiit; I'd toss 'em.

There goes my suggestion of adding ***iago cheese.

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