What to do in Seattle?


Last week in May, 3-4 days with no plans beyond a possible bus trip to Mt Rainier.  Good hiking? Nature abodes?   Any and all advice welcome and appreciated.



museum of pop culture is really cool. Ferry to bainbridge island is worth doing. 


What is there to see/do on Bainbridge Island?


as I recall it’s like this artsy little enclave with quirky shops and neat little lunch spots and whatnot. Kind of like a pacific NW version of New Hope, PA.


Great bookstore on Bainbridge, Eagle Harbor Books.  Have lunch on the deck at the restaurant on the marina if the weather's good. Easy and fun day trip, especially if you're staying downtown Seattle.


When we went with an elementary schooler, we really enjoyed a boat cruise through the locks


We enjoyed the Aquarium with our kids when they were little.  (Like 15-20 years ago.  I don't think I've been since, so no current info.)


Do they still do the underground walking tours? Quirky, but fun. Great anecdotes told along the way, but it's been awhile, and I don't recall specifics. Would be worth checking out. Lots of history in what's not a terribly old city, if that makes sense. 


Shiro Sushi! The best sushi I have ever had. 

Cafe Vita! Premium espresso. 


Rainier is awesome, but it will take most of a whole day from Seattle.

If the Mariners are in town, try and go.  Its a great stadium.

Have to hit Pike Place Market.  Its touristy, but you're a tourist.  Catch a fish and get a starbucks at the original location.

Take the ferry to Bainbridge for lunch or dinner.  WA State has the nation's largest ferry fleet.  Eat at one of the places on the water.  Cool views, good seafood.  Not much else to do over there.

Tool around Pioneer Square.  Old Seattle, has some cool stuff and they probably still to tours of the area where you can learn where the term "Shangaiing" was coined.

Ballard Locks are sort of interesting if you have kids.

You can check out the Seattle Center if the weather is nice, but skip the Needle. 

If you had more time I'd suggest taking the ferry to Victoria, or even just tooling up around in the San Juans, but you'll be pressed with just two days.

Generally just take advantage of the nice weather (yes there are nice days in Seattle that time of year), eat good seafood and drink good WA wine and beer.


I liked the Space Needle - but I've probably never met an observatory on a tall structure that I didn't like, so make of that what you will.

DannyArcher said:

You can check out the Seattle Center if the weather is nice, but skip the Needle. 


At the Pike Place Market be sure to make your contribution to the gum wall:


Believe it or not, the public library downtown is pretty cool. 


A second for the public library. A Rem Koolhaas building, if you're into architecture.

Chihuly Garden and Glass Home.


Amazon just opened its Spheres and gardens to the public, reservations required https://www.seattlespheres.com...


Myrtle Edwards Park down by the waterfront has the Seattle Art Museum sculpture garden, love that. The troll sculpture under the Fremont Bridge if you're driving around. a walk through the arboretum, or if you want a shorter jaunt than rainier, go to Twin Falls out Route 90, outside of North Bend, where Twin Peaks was filmed. Seattle Art Museum is downtown and better than when I lived there in the 90s. Walks in the woods are good even if it's cloudy/rainy, which you might get. have fun! 


Go eat at Kedai Makan and Taylor Shellfish.


Thanks all - this is a great start


we were there through memorial day weekend about 5 years ago-there was still 20 feet of snow at Rainier, though they did have all roads cleared.  great hiking in lower areas-dont miss the grove of the patriarchs.  the mountain did not come out to play the entire day we were there-couldn't even see it on the drive in or out-over a full 10 hour day  ( under cloud cover).  see the movie in the main visitor center-apparently sometimes it is not visible for weeks.  there was also still 10 feet of snow at hurricane ridge at olympic. 

both parks were still great.  

also-do one of the underground tours in seattle.

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