What do you know about living in Morristown?


We  are considering moving to Morristown due mainly to a change in schools for our daughter.   Looking for a better commute than from Maplewood.  What do you know  about Morristown.  Yes, I know it's not Maplewood.


Where do you and your spouse work?  might make the work commute much longer.  

And there are plenty of nice towns near morristown that you can consider.  


grew up there, loved it, diverse (back in the day) and lively downtown, lots of history, easy access to outdoor activities a few towns west.


Lots of young people. Lively sidewalk dining scene, reminiscent of Hoboken. Popular regional theater, some good restaurants. On the same train line as Millburn and Maplewood, but much longer ride, of course.


Do you want to live in Morristown or Morris Township?  Morristown is the hole in the doughnut surrounded by Morris Township.

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