Verizon cell phone reception worse?


In the past several months, I have noticed a decrease in the quality of my Verizon cell phone reception on phone calls (people say my voice is going in and out, calls are dropped, etc).  I thought it was my phone, but now I have found two other people who are having the same issues with Verizon cell service.  Anyone else having these problems?  


Is this at home or out?

When I am home connected to my Wi-Fi my phone actually uses the Wi-Fi to make voice connections. If I wander to a part of the house with bad Wi-Fi signal I get bad reception. It doesn't seamlessly flip between a Wi-Fi call and the cell network. I have excellent cell coverage at my house.

This has been the last couple of years though. Did you upgrade to a new phone recently?


I am specifically referring to reception in the Maplewood College Hill area.  We switched to Verizon years ago, because out AT&T cell service was spotty.  Verizon, at that time, was wonderful.  Now, we're approaching the old AT&T level.


I have not upgraded or changed anything.  I don't think my phone switches to wifi for phone calls (it does switch for data).  At least, I didn't set up anything to have it do that.  How would I know?


we have not noticed any change.


It's an iPhone 6.  The other two people having this problem also have iPhones. 


This is a huge longshot but maybe your phone isn't picking up the 4G network?

You used to be able to dial *228 and your phone would refresh its tower connections. I don't know if that applies to the iPhone 6.

Last possibility is Apple has found a new way to force people into upgrading their phones. I wish I could believe this was just paranoia.


Friday afternoon, I received a message on my cell phone that it couldn't find the server????  I have was at home at the time and in the ten years I have had the phone (flip) I have never seen a message like that before.  A few minutes later, I tried the phone again and it was fine.  Not sure if this is related to the Op's problem.

mrincredible said:
Is this at home or out?
When I am home connected to my Wi-Fi my phone actually uses the Wi-Fi to make voice connections. 

 This is no help to the OP, but I’m curious about this.   

Is this setup how you want it to be?   Are your mobile and WiFi providers both VZW?   I have VZW for cell but Comcast at home and I’ll be pissed to find out they are shunting calls off to my wifi to save $. 


I was standing in my kitchen - and looked at my phone - while it's picking up the wifi signal, it also shows me if there's 4G - but lately I've been getting 1x, no service and 3G. I'm on a droid and in the area of the OP.


I have Verizon, and I don't get 4G in my house. I'm also on a droid. 

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