urgent help needed for electric repair

I'm in the middle of a drain cleaning job.  I'm using a 1/2" X 50' electric snake.  The wire from the floor switch has (unbeknowst to me) a cut in it.  This gapped to the switch body and shorted the motor or just the switch.  

How to get it repaired quickly?  Can I tackle it myself?  likely need for special parts? tools? where?


I would call an electrician and ask for advice. I’d recommend, Dan, who owns Superior Wirework. Cell 973-713-5345. If he can’t answer, he will call back ASAP. (It’s a company I have used and would highly recommend.)

So are you saying it threw the breaker?  Is the insulation cut only on the wire?   If so, unplug the tool, open the switch box and wrap the cut wire with electrical tape.  Close it back up and try again.  This might get you through the job.

@Heynj and @FilmCarp

Thanks so much for your time and thoughts.

I don't know what happened-again- to my reply of late this AM.  I answered FC's ?? about state of affairs, but for some unknown reason it didn't post.  Neither the main breaker nor power strip breaker tripped.  Only insulation on power cord was cut.

Basically I followed up on FilmCarp's suggestion of repairing the wire and moving from there.  I didn't open the switch box bc all damage seemed to be outside of the switch box.  I was shocked that I hadn't caused damage to the motor or wiring.  Guess what 


Snake worked and went thru the clog in reasonable time.  Used the #2 cutter (several times) to get flow.  Will repeat with #4 attachment tomorrow.

Count your help as part of Man cver machine victory.  For me that's One In A row.

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